Online Concealed Carry Training: A Modern & Effective Handgun Training

Online Concealed Carry Training: A Modern & Effective Handgun Training

By Matthew Komar

Purchasing a gun and ammunition is the first step towards protecting yourself. You have to master a variety of skills and techniques to ensure that you can carry your handgun responsibly and use it wisely. Making your nerves and skills perfect for threatening situations is critical for your safety, and the best way to start this is educating yourself about handguns and how to safely use them. This is why online concealed carry education is essential for every handgun owner.

Of course, selecting and carrying a practical firearm is vital. However, the effort and time you spend understanding how to operate your handgun will pay dividends in situations where you will have to put your nerves and skills to the test. Every firearm owner must learn to be comfortable with each aspect of using their concealed carry guns to improve their effectiveness. An online concealed carry course, such as Online CHP, will help firearm owners learn the basics.

Train until it Becomes Second Nature

Train yourself to be so comfortable and familiar that you have no issues drawing, shooting, reloading, and clearing various malfunctions without thinking consciously about the motions you are performing. Using conscious thoughts to achieve this task will diminish your ability and chances to defend yourself and others. Why? Because as a gun-wielding citizen, you can legally use deadly force only when your or someone else's life is in danger – and since fear diminishes performance during such situations, you might not be able to defend yourself successfully. Practice is critical!

Surprisingly, your shooting performance can also diminish in low-pressure scenarios such as competing in organized competition. Increased stress levels are arguably the most significant reasons behind this issue. Anxiety levels could rise tenfold if your life is in danger. Remember, confidence does not have a substitute, and getting regular practice is the only way to achieve that confidence. It will also develop essential motor skills that will eventually improve your performance in stressful situations.

When you enter your vehicle to go to the supermarket, the first thing you do is enter the keys and step on your brakes. You probably do not make a conscious effort to think this process through. It happens that way because of years of conditioning, making the motions feel like second nature.

However, things are quite different when you are learning how to drive for the first time. Why? Because you have to carefully think about the entire process, starting from stepping on the brakes, turning the key, and getting ready to drive. The process seems quite tedious and overwhelming. Mostly, people mess the steps up during their initial try.

Their sequence is often out of order, which is why they need to follow the steps slowly. Repeating the process frequently is the only way to make it second nature. It becomes a part of your daily driving routine, where you won't even be aware that you were making an effort.

Things could have been quite challenging for you if you drove an open roof vehicle for the first time, and a wild animal charged towards you. Your lack of experience could have led you to make a mistake, such as trying to drive without hitting the brake or various other errors. Keep this analogy in mind when you decide to buy a gun. It highlights why training to operate your handgun until it becomes second nature is a must. Practice using your firearm until it becomes as natural as making coffee or driving a car.

Achieving Peak Performance

Human beings perform best when they are using operational or non-verbal thought. For those who do not know, verbal-thought is the process where we mentally check off small parts of a much larger operation. New gun owners must also consider utilizing a mental checklist to perfect their fundamentals. Your skills will remarkably improve and allow you to make conditioned responses. Taking an online concealed carry training program will help you to know what mental tasks to check off regularly, making them a habit.

Of course, a mental checklist is quite handy for shooting, but firing accurate shots while shooting fast is virtually impossible. Why? Because our brains do not run that quickly when refining a mental checklist. On the other hand, operational thinking helps you process multiple actions in a single thought, which leads to a rapid response. Instead of thinking about your follow-through, trigger press sight picture, breath, stance, and grip in checklist thinking, the only thing you will do in operational thinking is, analyze the entire thought within milliseconds and shoot.

Different Types of Training

Now that you know the importance of improving your skills, you should consider beginning training. There are two options: range training for concealed carry and online concealed carry training. Both of them have their unique advantages. Let us look at them to understand which concealed carry training form would help you the most.

Range Training

Training at a range, whether indoor or outdoor, has plenty of benefits. If you go to a renowned gun training range, its instructors will help you understand everything you need to know about shooting a gun with calmness and efficiency. As long as there are qualified teachers at your range, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are in good hands. Here are some benefits of training at a gun range:


Most well-recognized gun range instructors have NRA certifications, which is enough to suggest that they know what they are doing. They will ensure to provide you a safe learning environment where you don’t have to worry about getting shot or shooting someone by mistake.

Concealed Carry Permit Training

You must consider training at a range to get your permit for a concealed carry. The trainers will help you understand all the nuances associated with shooting during high-pressure situations, ensuring you can save yourself while keeping collateral damage to a minimum. You will have to attend the classes for a particular period as defined by your instructor, where he or she will explain the ramifications of shooting for self-defense and using deadly force.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Firearms

Everyone owns different firearms. Each model has different ergonomics, and overall appearance, which is why handling them is not as simple as most people think. Your instructor will help you become familiar with your preferred firearm. They will tell you about its features, pros, cons, and various other things, ensuring you can carry your gun with confidence.

Fundamental Instructions

After becoming familiar with your choice of gun, it's time to understand the fundamentals of marksmanship. Your instructor will guide you throughout the learning curve, starting from your stance, positioning, aim, and final shot. Beginners might be surprised to find out that the approach to firing a gun is quite scientific. Regular practice will help beginners increase accuracy.


Learning the basics of shooting can only take you so far. After all, what good is a concealed carry if you cannot use it during a situation where you or somebody else is under immense duress, and their life is in danger? Your shooting instructor will inform you about various real-world scenarios and how you can overcome them through effective self-defense techniques. It will give you the upper hand against your assailants, helping you subdue them with your handgun before the perpetrators attack you.

You will Find a Plethora of Training Equipment at a Range

Most indoor and outdoor shooting ranges have everything that learners require to improve their skill sets to get permits. From experienced instructors, shooting clothing, to target-practice equipment – you will find almost everything at a gun training range.

Controlled Environment

Shooting practice can be quite overwhelming for beginners. Learning to shoot at a training range can help calm your nerves because of the controlled environment most of these facilities possess. They design each area to ensure that people can learn without hesitation and have fun while honing their skills.

Practice Whenever You Want

Getting a concealed carry permit does not mean that you have to stop practicing. You can utilize gun ranges whenever you want and use its facilities to work on your shooting skills.

Online Concealed Carry Training

Numerous people in the firearm industry did not agree with the idea of training online initially. “Learning to shoot a firearm through online concealed carry training is impossible,” most of them said. Of course, there are several skills that you can only learn in person, but shooting is not one of them. Did you know that institutes successfully teach thousands of people how to fly shuttles and perform various surgeries online? You might be astonished to learn that experts learned some of the most complicated human tasks digitally.

Also, permit training for concealed firearms is mostly law and concept based. Not many states require hands-on, in-depth training for permits. Most of the online classes teach legal compliance, safety principles, and other basics. Therefore, you will find that these courses are quite useful as online training formats.

Furthermore, online classes deliver accurate information. Sitting through numerous handgun training courses will make you realize that some instructors are incorrect or provide you with the wrong info. It makes things quite confusing. It would be best if you chose an online concealed carry training class to ensure that your knowledge is accurate.

Well-developed online concealed carry training courses also require you to understand and demonstrate every rule and principle on numerous tests before proceeding to your next lesson. Some online courses require its students to perform several concept-based exercises before advancing to the next training session. That is not the case during a standard lecture. Mostly, instructors do not have any idea whether their students are listening to what they are saying. Here are some benefits of training online:

A Preferred Method to Learn

As discussed earlier, online training is quickly becoming the method of choice for transmitting the information. According to some reports, mobile learning can grow by thirty-six percent in the upcoming years.

Better Learning Experience and Knowledge Retention

If you are wondering why online concealed carry training is gaining popularity, knowledge retention is your answer. Most students can read, review, and re-review the information as much as they would like, in order to firmly grasp concepts with clarity and accuracy.

On-Demand, Training is More Efficient and Convenient

Learning from your home is quite convenient. It allows you to set your time and fulfill other commitments too. You can learn and understand the fundamentals at your own pace, a luxury that you do not have when training at a range.

Easy-To-Understand Foundational Knowledge

You do not need to spend an excessive amount of time in-person to understand the basics. Every fundamental will be right there on your screen. All you need to do is read it and move to the advanced and technical parts. This makes online concealed carry training perfect for new firearm enthusiasts.

Cutting Red Tape

If you are an experienced shooter, there is no need to wait for your handgun certification by going through in-person training. Instead, you can cut through the red tape through online concealed carry certification. It is more straightforward, informative, and efficient. Most importantly, it doesn't waste time.

Online Concealed Carry: Exercising Your Second Amendment Rights

Every gun owner has the right to exercise the Second Amendment, but it is impossible without getting licensed. You can receive your permit quickly through online concealed carry certification without wasting time. After that, you can spend as much time as you’d like at a range practicing with your weapon of choice.

Final Thoughts

Once again, practice is essential to get your permit. While both forms of training are helpful, online concealed carry courses, such as Online CHP, are quickly becoming the preferred method for most students because of its speedy results and accurate information. It is ideal for people with various skill levels. So, whether you have no experience, some initial training, or years of experience online firearm training can help you in more ways than one.

Of course, you will need some in-person training if you don't have any shooting experience, but the concept based part is equally essential, if not more. For others who do not want the hassle of going through shooting range training, online concealed carry courses would be the way to go. Most of them are also more affordable than in-person classes.

As stated above, the ideal method, in my opinion, would be to receive your online concealed carry training and certification, and follow it up with plenty of range time for practice. You want to build your shooting muscle so that it is a habit, and something you can do instinctively. Slow learners will particularly benefit from training online as they would not have to worry about holding up their colleagues. Now that you know the importance of online concealed carry training, it is time you joined a course and completed it to receive your permit finally.