Choosing the Right Tourniquet for You

The Tourniquet is an important First Aid tool that is often glossed over in some First Aid training. A well-stocked first aid or emergency kit will often come with a manufactured tourniquet, but small First Aid Kits often leave them out. Tourniquets are simple enough to use with some basic instruction. I do like to preface by saying that use of a tourniquet is serious and should only be used for victims of severe bleeding in a limb. The most evocative example of when to use a tourniquet is amputation or near amputation, like with a chainsaw injury. In these cases a tourniquet should be used immediately.


How to Choose a Tourniquet

Because tourniquets can literally mean the difference between life and death, you want to make sure you get a good one. Here are things to take into consideration when choosing a tourniquet:

Ease of use

Tourniquets are not instinctive, and can be difficult to figure out how to use. You want a tourniquet without any unnecessary complications that anyone, even a random person on the street, could hypothetically figure out. The Choice Survival Tourniquet is industry standard and loved by military and urban preppers.

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